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UL-1 Superior FE Hydro 2.4GHz RTR Red
UL-1 Superior FE Hydro 2.4GHz RTR Red UL-1 Superior FE Hydro 2.4GHz RTR Red UL-1 Superior FE Hydro 2.4GHz RTR Red
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UL-1 Superior FE Hydro 2.4GHz RTR Red

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This is the electric powered, radio controlled, ready to run
AquaCraft UL-1 Superior Brushless FE Competition Hydroplane.
Compatible with IMPBA and NAMBA FE Class Events.

EAN: 708066128026
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FEATURES: Hull: Lightweight painted fiberglass with molded-in center tub       
            section that houses the motor, batteries and radio equipment,      
            breakaway fins detach under stress to prevent damage to the hull,  
            attach with two-sided tape and float for easy retrieval            
          Motor: AquaCraft 6-pole 36-56-2030kV brushless marine motor created  
            exclusively for the UL-1 and high-speed hauling, 4mm motor plugs   
            boost efficiency                                                   
          Radio: Tactic TTX-300 2.4GHz SLT system, 3-ch pistol grip transmitter
            with steering and throttle, and steering trim adjustment, Tactic   
            TSX20 standard servo for rudder control, Tactic TR325 3-channel    
          Electronic Speed Control: Water cooled, waterproof, 60A for LiPo     
            usage, a "Stutter Bump" warning at 12V and an auto cut-off at 11.6V
            insure low voltage protection, ESC is also NiCd and NiMH compatible
          Strut: Black anodized CNC-machined aluminum, adjustable to change    
            prop depth and angle to match water conditions                     
          Turn Fin: 0.08" (2mm) thick aluminum with tapered leading edge to    
            reduce drag, adjustable for top performance                        
          Cowl: ABS plastic with magnetic locking system                       
          Propeller: 3-blade 40mm FRP                                          
          Warranty: Ninety day limited                                         
INCLUDES: AquaCraft UL-1 Hydroplane, brushless marine motor and ESC, 2.4GHz    
            3-ch SLT radio system, decal sheet, instruction manual and         
            plywood stand                                                      
REQUIRES: AA Batteries: Four for transmitter                                   
          LiPo Batteries: Two 3200mAh 7.4V LiPo batteries AQUB9825             
          Battery Charger: LiPo Compatible                                     
          Cell Balancer                                                        
          Radio Box Tape: AQUB9514                                             
          Grease: AQUB9500                                                     
SPECS:      UL-1 Superior;                                                     
          Hull Length: 27" (685mm)                                             
          Overall Length: 29-1/4" (744mm)                                      
          Beam (Width): 14-1/4" (361mm)                                        
          Overall Height: 6-3/4" (170mm)                                       
          Weight (Less Batteries): 4lbs, 1oz (1.84kg)                          
          Weight RTR (with two 3200 LiPos): 4.9lbs (2.21kg)                    
            Brushless Motor;                                                   
          Diameter: 1.4" (36mm)           kV Rating: 2030RPM/V                 
          Length: 2.2" (56mm)             Input Voltage: 7-18.5V               
          Shaft Length: 0.59" (15mm)      Max Constant Current: 50A            
          Shaft Diameter: 0.20" (5mm)     Max Surge Current: 80A/five seconds  
          Overall Length: 2.8" (71mm)     No Load Current: 5.0A                
          Weight: 7.5oz (212g) including connectors                            
          Length: 3.25" (83mm)     Battery Connectors: 2 male Ultra Deans plugs
          Width: 1.5' (38mm)       Motor Connectors: 4mm bullet (three)        
          Height: 0.67" (17mm)     Input Voltage: 12-14 NiMH                   
          Weight: 3.8oz (109g)                    4 cells LiPo                 
          Wire Gauge: 14AWG                       8-20V input w/o BEC          
          Output Current: 60A continuous maximum  BEC: 5.2V/2A                 
                          72A surge maximum       Stutter Bump Voltage: 12V    
          Max Output Power: 720 watts             Low Voltage Cutoff: 11.6V    
          On-Resistance: 0.003 ohms               Thermal Cutoff: 110°C        
          Operating Frequency: 8kHz               Timing Angle: 10°            
COMMENTS: Available in the following colors:                                   
            Orange, AQUB28NN           White, AQUB28WW                         
            Red, AQUB28RR              Yellow, AQUB28YY                        
          Optional GrimRacer Propellers for this boat include;                 
            40 x 52 3-blade metal,  AQUB9720                                   
            L38 x 55 Lifter,        AQUB9755                                   
            L40 x 57 3 blade metal, AQUB9760                                   

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